pietra gray marble blocks:

Lashotor marble stone is a dazzling black marble with an International reputation known as Pietra Gray Marble on international markets. This luxury black Marble is categorized into different sorts and grades based on its background color and the number of white streaks on them. Persian Pietra gray marble stone is one of the most famous and bestselling stones throughout Iran and has a resemblance to Pietra gray marble of Italy. that’s why it’s also known as 'persian pietra gray marble'.

persian pietra gray marble

Most of the Extracted Pietra gray marbles in Iran are exported to other countries as slab or stone block. Many stonework factories in China, Italy, Turkey, and... Are importing persian pietra gray marble block from Iran, Nowadays. Pietra gray marble blocks are commonly manufactured as slabs and are put to use for the design and architecture of many modern and luxurious Buildings projects.

pietra gray marble block

Many active industrial units in the world are now using persian pietra gray marble block as their main product in order to manufacture slabs and tiles. Due to limitations in extractions of pietra gray marble block, and because of the high demands for this type of marble stone block along with its major exportations, Pietra gray marble blocks is often extracted within limitations.

In the meantime, Iranmarbles company, one of the main and most powerful extractors of persian pietra gray marble, is able to export and deliver the high quality extracted stone blocks of this marble to other countries. Persian pietra gray marble stone block extracted by Iranmarbles company, in exportable dimensions and qualities, has always been able to supply markets of this stone block from all over the world.

Persian pietra gray marble quarries:

Lashotor city, located in Isfahan province, is the one and only place in Iran with resources of this kind of marble. yet only some of these quarries are sufficient enough for extracting Persian pietra gray marble block in exportable dimensions. with our direct access and supervision over extraction processes of stone blocks, over two decades of experience, and with the help of modern and practical machines and types of equipment, our company, Iranmarbles can supply the demands for Persian pietra gray marble blocks with high-end quality. so you needn't let in any doubts about trusting us in supplying your requests of pietra gray marble blocks.

Pietra gray marble applications:

Persian pietra gray marble block as one of the best and most reputable Iranian marbles on International markets is gained lots of admirers throughout the world. the solidity of this marble stone along with its compatibility with a variety of atmospheres has entitled it to one of the best-selling Iranian stone blocks. Using pietra gray marble stone along with bright stones would create fantastic scenery which will bring the atmosphere magnificent splendor.

persian pietra gray marble

Persian pietra gray marble have a handful of applications in different parts of construction, for instance:

  • Interior spaces of buildings
  • Luxurious shops, hotels, and commercial centers
  • Pavements for halls, living rooms, and rooms
  • Entrance lobbies
  • Landings and staircase walls
  • Master and luxurious baths
Abrasion Resistancepushing resistancePorositySpecial WeightWater absorptionOptimal Rate
2.813500.442.770.42Pietra-Gray Marble

FAQ about the pietra gray marble:

How much is the price of pietra gray marble block?sss

The price of the persian pietra gray marble block depends on different factors. larger marble blocks with more precise and clean cuts would normally cost more.

How much is the extraction capacity of the pietra gray marble block in Iran?

Persian pietra gray marble quarries with 3000 tons of monthly extraction and approximately 360000 tons of stored stone blocks are quarries with limited capacity in Iran.

What are the whereabouts of pietra gray marble block quarries?

The persian pietra gray marble quarries are located in Isfahan province, in Lashotor city, located 35 kilometers south of Isfahan city itself.

How much is the Water absorption and resistance of pietra gray marble stone?

The Persian pietra gray marble stones have an extremely low rate of water absorption and also in terms of solidity, they are one of the most resistant marbles available.

Buying instructions of Pietra gray marble block:

In order to submit your order or buy pietra-gray marble blocks, you can send us your request information through our email address info[atsign]Iranmarbles.org, or contact us directly through the WhatsApp number +989357000285 to speak with our sales managers.

it is also possible to pay us a personal visit to Iranmarbles stone block extraction and sales center, in order to purchase your desired stone blocks. we will be glad to help you make the best decision in the shortest deal of time possible.