Patris gray limestone blocks:

Patris gray limestone is one of the youngest natural limestones in Iran and its common application is for interior decorations and designs. Patris gray limestone is a sedimentary stone, formed from mineral sediments such as calcite and the material of these stones is lime. Patris gray limestone quarries are located in Khorramabad city, Lorestan province.

patris gray limestone quarry

Patris gray limestone appearance:

The base color of Patris limestone is brown-gray, along with white or golden streaks. the patterns of this limestone make it similar to snakeskin. Although their base color is gray, it is also known by the name 'silver limestone'. This stone is also known by the names: 'Boujan silver limestone', and 'Dragon limestone'. Because of the special pattern of Patris gray limestone, it is often manufactured as slabs.

Specifications and characteristics of patris gray limestone:

Limestone blocks such as Patris limestone often share the same specifications, some of them mentioned below:

  • Average water absorption
  • low porosity
  • low compressive strength
  • High abrasion resistance
Abrasion Resistancepushing resistancePorositySpecial WeightWater absorptionOptimal Rate
2.84501.222.421.82Patris Limestone

Patris gray limestone applications:

Patris gray limestone looks colorful and beautiful but there are some cautions that should be considered before using it. Patris limestone should stay away from direct sunlight, and it’s better to use it in low crowded places with the least commuting. they also might not be the perfect choice for humid locations.

Other applications of the Patris gray limestone:

  • Decorative stones
  • Interior decorations
  • Residential houses
  • Commercial units
patris gray limestone block

Due to their appropriate economical price, Patris limestone is a considerable alternative for interior facades and designs and as slabs. Also, they'd make affordable and attractive four-matches and book-matches. yet with the help of an anti-ray Nano Layer, they can be applicative in Buildings facades, and humid places.

patris gray limestone block

FAQ about the Patris gray limestone:

How much is the price of the Patris gray limestone block?

There are lots of factors affecting the price of Patris gray limestone including:
Clean surface: one of the important factors affecting the price of Patris limestone block is a clean and solid surface. Patris limestone slabs with the least streaks and stains on their surface are more expensive.
Block's dimensions: Patris limestone blocks in bigger dimensions will cost more.

Where are the most common applications of Patris gray limestone?

The main usage of Patris gray limestone is in interior facades. it is also used in lobbies and interior decorations, and backlight stones. Of one other Patris gray limestone application, we can point to the building stone artifacts.

What minerals is Patris gray limestone mainly composed of?

Patris gray limestone with a dark color is a sedimentary limestone, mainly composed of calcite.

what places are not suggested in the usage of Patris limestone?

Places that require constant cleaning and washing with water.
Busy places with lots of traffic.
Places where might get under pressure and impact.
Yet with all the progressions that have been made in stone manufacturing science and the material used during the manufacturing process, the resistance of these limestones will be increased to a level that they are completely applicative in facades.

How to buy Patris gray limestone?

Just like any other limestone blocks, Patris limestone is available at different prices based on its type and quality of stone block extraction, and also clean and solid surface. So all these factors should be considered while buying the Patris gray limestone.

To get more information about different sorts of patris gray limestone or submit a reservation for these stone blocks, please contact our experts.