Aligudarz white Crystal marble block:

Aligudarz white Crystal marble is one of the most reputable stones throughout the world. The quarries of Aligudarz crystal are located in Lorestan province, around Aligudarz city. Aligudarz crystal marble blocks have lots variety of different colors, qualities, and appearances. This Crystal marble blocks are extracted from quarries in white, gray, and black colors.

aligudarz gray crystal marble quarry

due to its high quality and fantastic material, this type of crystal marble is referred to as one of the best crystal marble stones in the world nowadays. Exportation of Aligudarz white crystal as the stone block is very popular. Large crystalline grains accompanied by high polishability, are of the most considerable characteristics of the Aligudarz white crystal marble.

Aligudarz White crystal marble block quarries:

Aligudarz white crystal stone blocks have a variety of quarries with multiple types of stone blocks which are extraordinary in their own kind. Iranmarbles stone block storages are based in Lorestan province and just near Aligudarz white crystal stone block quarries. this vicinity makes it easier for our experts to supervise the extraction processes, in order to achieve the Aligudarz white crystal stone blocks with the best quality and lowest price.

For different stone block types that are extracted from these quarries, we can refer to Aligudarz white crystal stone blocks in Bianco, Spider crystal stone blocks, Persian Scato crystal stone blocks, Volokas crystal stone blocks, black Aligudarz crystal stone blocks, black line crystal stone blocks, Panda, and blue line models.

Aligudarz Persian Scato crystal marble block:

Persian Scato is one of the most popular crystal marbles of Aligudarz. its base color is white with Gray or black streaks on the surface and on international markets it is famous for its similarities to Arab Scato Carrara Marble and Calcutta Marble of Italy.

aliguarz persianscato white crystal marble

Aligudarz Bianco Crystal marble block:

The Bianco type of Aligudarz crystal stone shares the same physical and material characteristics as Persian Scato. yet it has fewer dark streaks (thus it may look brighter) and purity.

aligudarz bianco crystal marble

Aligudarz Panda Crystal stone block:

The Persian Panda type of Aligudarz crystal stones is quite alike the panda stone of China. therefore, it is one of the most popular crystal stones of Aligudarz. The surface base color is white and it has wide black streaks on it. Persian Panda crystal stone block is quite more affordable than the other competitors as its price is much more acceptable.

aligudarz panda crystal marble

It’s also worth mentioning that Aligudarz Panda crystal stone block is capable to be used as book-match slabs and has much less water absorption than its competitors.

Manufacturing process of Aligudarz white crystal blocks

In order to achieve best quality slabs in bigger dimensions, we require to extract crystal marble blocks in bigger dimensions (single blocks). It is also important to run extracting processes in a manner that the outcome stone block be intact and without fracture. as you know the size of the slab sheet depends on the length and dimensions of the extracted stone block from the quarry. The length of best grade Aligudarz crystal stone blocks usually can reach up to 3 meters and their width to 2 meters. Aside from stone blocks size, using stone blocks without cracks and fractures will make the outcome slab more desirable either in its size or quality.

Technical specs of Aligudarz white crystal marble:

As mentioned above, low water absorption, compression, and high polishability are of most distinguishable and important characteristics of a crystal stone. The condensed structure of Aligudarz crystal marble makes it more polishable. in addition to the low water absorption and high strength, are reasons that these crystal stones have vast applications in different places and for different causes.

Abrasion Resistancepushing resistancePorositySpecial WeightWater absorptionOptimal Rate
39100.202.740.1Aligudarz Crystal

Important attributes of Aligudarz white crystal stones:

  • High compression
  • Appropriate polishability
  • High strength
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • Very low water absorption
  • Reasonable price compared to its foreign competitors
  • Possibility of creating four-match and book-match frames

The most common usages for Aligudarz crystal marble blocks:

Aligudarz crystal stone is one of the best stones (qualitywise) used in constructions and using slabs of Aligudarz crystal will grant beauty and brightness to luxurious projects. Generally, these crystal marbles have a low water absorption rate thus they are an appropriate choice for places in touch with water and moisture. It’s good to know that The Aligudarz white crystal stone is applicative for both interior and exterior parts of a building.

Due to their high resistance and compression, they would do fine in crowded places. For this same reason, Aligudarz crystal marble is commonly used as stepstone. Of other applications of the white crystal stones of Aligudarz, we can point to restrooms, kitchen counters, pavements, and wall covers in lobbies, living rooms, and bedrooms.

The most common Applications of Aligudarz crystal marble are mentioned below:

  • Interior spaces of buildings
  • Pavements for halls, living rooms, and rooms
  • nterior walls
  • Corners and borders
  • Luxurious shops, hotels, and commercial centers
  • Counters for public places or shops
  • Stepstone and understairs
  • Landings and staircase walls
  • Entrance lobbies
  • Elevator frames and corners
  • Kitchens and cabinets
  • Master and luxurious baths

Aligudarz slab stone as book-match and four-match frames

During the book-matching and four-matching process, manufacturing and cutting crystal stone blocks should be done in a manner in which the natural streaks and lines are placed along or symmetrical to each other. Just same as the butterfly wing’s symmetry, strands, and streaks of the stone should be paired together.

Since some types of crystal marble blocks of Aligudarz have a lot of streaks on their surface, they are mostly capable of symmetry and creating book-match and four-match frames. Slabs with book-matching and four-matching potentials are usually manufactured in well-equipped factories with modern machinery.

aligudarz bookmatch crystal marble

FAQ about the Aligudarz crystal marbles:

How much is the price of Aligudarz white crystal blocks?

Due to the variety of Aligudarz white crystal marble sorts and models, the price of the block is calculated according to the crystal pattern and also the dimensions of the extracted block. In general, crystal marble blocks with higher dimensions and more accurate cuts have a higher price.

What are the main advantages of using Aligudarz crystal marble?

In general, good polishability, high abrasion and compressive strength, very low water absorption and very reasonable price compared to other stones in the same category, as well as the possibility of creating a bookmatch and four match frames and is of the most important advantages of Aligudarz white crystal marble.

Where is the most common use of Aligudarz crystal marble?

Aligudarz crystal marble slabs has wide usage in many luxury projects that make the space more beautiful and eye-catching. In general, Aligudarz crystals have low water absorption thus they are suitable for parts in contact with water and moisture, so Aligudarz crystal stones can be used for both interior and exterior facades.

Does Aligudarz crystal marble have the ability to make bookmatch and fourmatch frames?

Aligudarz crystal marble slab, due to having many lines and unique patterns on its surface, has a very good symmetry capability that allows for making bookmatch and fourmatch frames.

How to buy Aligudarz crystal marble?

To get more information about different sorts and models of Aligudarz crystal marbles or submit a reservation for these stone blocks, please contact our experts.