Harsin beige marble block:

Marble stone of Harsin is a type of marble stone that with Its bright color and classy appearance, is now of the most reputable and best seller exportable marble stone blocks in Iran. Harsin Marble stone is available in beige and cream colors with brilliant shine and incomparable beauty. Generally, Harsin marble stone is also considered to be beige marble due to its background color.

harsin sardar beige marble quarry

There are some connected streaks like deer antlers to be seen on this beige marble stone block so they are sometimes referred to as deer antler shapes marbles. Sorting of Harsin Marble stone blocks is also done based on these deer antler streaks. Harsin beige marble stone is extremely polishable and after cutting and polishing, it'll have a smooth and reflective surface.

Harsin beige marble quarries:

The Quarry of Harsin marble stone is located near the town of Harsin in Kermanshah province, next to Lorestan province. Harsin beige marble stone has several quarries and the most famous one of them is the 'Sardar' quarry in Harsin. These quarries have enough quality to export different sorts of Harsin marble blocks to countries like Turkey, China, Italy, and the Persian Gulf states.

Due to the vicinity of stone block storages of Iranmarbles to marble stone quarries of Harsin, our experts have precise supervision on the extraction of Harsin stone block with the highest quality possible.on the other hand, our company's whereabouts and our direct access to Harsin marble quarries cause to disappear intermediates. therefore, it has a significant impact on the price reduction of Harsin Marble blocks.

Harsin beige marble applications:

Harsin beige marble slabs with their solid and uniformed surface and their specific beige color are applicable for designing purposes and would grant the atmosphere beauty and shine. In addition, the high compressive strength of this kind of marble which is due to high compactness makes it a suitable choice for pavements or stairs, since in such structures we require resistance and strength.

Harsin beige marble stones will not break and crack easily and have high permanence thanks to their solidity and high compressive strength. One of the most distinguished advantages of Harsin beige marble stones is that they are cleaned and wiped easily, therefore they perfectly fit for public and crowded places. Flexural strength, sufficient polishability, low porosity, high diversity, and appropriate adhesion with mortar are other characteristics of Harsin Marble stones.

harsin beige marble stone

Other applications of Harsin beige marble blocks:

  • Pavement stones for residential and commercial units
  • Interior building facades
  • Stairs and step stones
  • Parking pavements

Technical specs of Harsin beige marble:

Abrasion Resistancepushing resistancePorositySpecial WeightWater absorptionOptimal Rate
311802.52.800.96Harsin Marble

Harsin beige marble block price:

There are many factors that affect the Harsin beige marble block price. In this section, we discuss important factors in buying Harsin marble stone blocks. quality of Harsin beige marbles has obviously a direct influence on the final price of its block.

Harsin beige marble stone blocks with so called 'exportable qualities' are more valuable stones with higher prices. when it comes to buying Harsin marble stone blocks, it should be noted that a stone block without streaks and stains will cost you more compared to other extracted blocks. in addition, cleaner and solid marble blocks are considered to have higher values. on the other hand, larger stone blocks (single blocks) will charge more compared to smaller block sorts.

FAQ about the Harsin beige marble:

How much does the Harsin beige marble block cost?

The price of Harsin marble blocks depends on several factors such as solidity, bigger block size, and the clean shape of the extracted block directly affecting the Harsin marble stone block price.

Are Harsin beige marble stones applicable in facades?

Yes, since Harsin beige marble stones have an acceptable compressive strength and compared to similar kinds of marbles, they have proven to be more resistant against frost. Therefore, they are widely put to use in facades and exterior designs.

What are the most common applications of Harsin beige marbles?

Harsin beige marble stones are mostly used for interior facades and design. their usage is also pretty common in places such as pavements, walls, and stair floors.

How to buy harsin beige marble blocks?

For getting more details or make any reservations on different sorts of available Harsin marble blocks, please contact our experts. we offer Harsin marble blocks at the most reasonable prices.