Khorramabad gohare beige limestone block

Gohare limestone also known as Persiano limestone is one of the most famous and popular sorts of limestone which also has wide applications in construction. vast and rich quarries of Gohare limestone are the largest limestone quarries in Iran

khorramabad gohare beige limestone quarries

Civil engineers and architectures prefer limestone over other constructional stones due to limestone's sufficient physicochemical properties. thus we have been faced with a significant increase in the number of requests that have been made on this limestone block from all over the world. Gohare Limestone block is currently being exported to many different countries, all the way from Asia and Europe to America and Australia.Gohare limestone quarries are located in Lorestan province, in the west of Khorramabad city. Lorestan province has the best limestone quarries in Iran and the best quality limestone blocks are available there for extraction.

Gohare beige limestone blocks:

Gohare limestone (Persiano limestone) block has currently one of the highest exportation rates among different kinds of natural stones in Iran. strength and durability, solid texture, and stable color along with economical price are characteristics that have made a positive reputation for Gohare limestone in construction businesses and have gained them lots of popularity on international markets.

khorramabad gohare beige limestone quarry

Gohare stone normally has a beige color and in lower sorts (qualities) there are some dark streaks and stains on its surface. thus best quality sorts of limestone of these quarries have solid beige color and the least amount of streaks and stains possible. Gohare limestone has extremely high abrasion resistance and they are represented in beige or cream colors. thus the highest quality of this stone with solid beige color or bright halos and streaks on them are known and represented as 1st-grade exportable block, while lower sorts of Gohare beige limestone blocks have more streaks and stains, are normally categorized into 2nd and 3rd-grade stones. Gohare limestone has fair compressive strength and suits public places where there are lots of crowded places. Gohare limestone is also applicable for doing pavements, interior walls, and stairs.

Technical specs of Gohare beige limestone block (Persiano limestone block):

Gohare limestone is structurally different from other limestones and like marble stones, is highly compact and durable. For this reason, unlike other kinds of limestones, it has high resistance. Therefore, many people consider Gohare stone as a kind of marble and call it Gohare marble stone.

khorramabad gohare beige limestone blocks

Geologically the lifespan of Gohare limestone is longer than other kinds of limestone and that’s a reason for the high compactness and resistance of this limestone. The higher density (special weight) of this limestone has granted them high abrasion resistance. Also bright beige color and other chemical and physical specifications of the Gohare limestone have introduced it as a reliable stone among other limestones.

Abrasion Resistancepushing resistancePorositySpecial WeightWater absorptionOptimal Rate
2.911800.472.521.27Gohare Limestone

Gohare limestone, the most widely used beige limestone in the world

Some people know limestone by its gray color and due to the high water absorption of gray limestones. so they assume that these stones are applicable only for interior spaces. Referring to specialized definitions in architecture and civil engineering, limestones with beige color such as Gohare limestone have proven to have more superiorities over other types of limestone, and of course, Gohare limestone is of the best of its kind and most popular limestone throughout the world.

Gohare beige limestone applications:

Gohare limestone has much less water absorption compared to other types of limestone, yet it is more promising to make them waterproof after installation on facades. we recommend you to use them in interior spaces of buildings where they don’t receive direct sunlight. Due to their reasonable price compared to other marble stones, Gohare limestone has vast applications in decorations and interior facades. it should be noted that like other types of limestone, Gohare limestone can have a good resistance against cold weather and frost.

gohare beige limestone applications

Sorts of Gohare limestone block

The Iranmarbles Company, as one of the main extractors of Gohare limestone blocks, has separated available stones into three “Exportable Quality Gohare Limestone blocks”, “Super Quality Gohare limestone blocks” and “1st-grade Gohare limestone blocks” categories.all of these sorts is available as single block and double block the main differences between “Exportable Gohare limestone” and 'Super Quality Gohare limestone' are summed up in packing procedures, customs formalities, and loading preparations. '1st-grade Gohare limestone block' has fewer competencies in their colorings and qualities compared to exportable and super Gohare limestone sorts, thus it is usually cheaper.

Needless to say that exportable sorts of Gohare limestone are comparable to luxurious marble stones in quality and appearance.

Sort QualityColorApplicationSpecification
Exportable and Super QualityLight beigeProduction of slabs
Production of tiles
Production of stairs
Six cutting sides
no streaks
no rust
no flowers
1st Grade QualityBeigeProduction of slabs
Production of tiles
Production of stairs
Six cutting sides
no streaks
no rust
no flowers
2nd Grade QualityDark BeigeProduction of tiles
Production of stairs
Flower Pattern
with veins

The Main Determining parameters of Gohare limestone Block sort

  • not having streaks and corrosions
  • Solid surface with the least color incongruity.
  • appropriate size and dimensions of stone block
  • clean-cut of the stone block

FAQ about the Gohare beige limestone:

How much is the price of Gohare beige limestone block?

As mentioned before Gohare beige limestone is available in a variety of qualities and prices. Exportable and Super sorts of Gohare Limestone blocks with higher quality and distinguished competencies have more polishability, more shining and their color is more solid and uniform, thus they’ll cost more compared to lower sorts of this stone.

What are the advantages of using Gohare beige Limestone?

This stone is more of an economical choice compared to marble stone. in addition, the abrasion resistance and strength of Gohare limestone are quite considerable.

Is Gohare limestone applicable on pavements and stairs?

Gohare limestone has significant strength and this makes it suitable for use as stairs. this stone has also a fair abrasion Resistance so it would be a good choice as pavement stones, especially for crowded places with lots of commuting.

How are the compressive strength and abrasion resistance of Gohare limestone?

Gohare limestone is pretty much resistant to pressure and impact and its high abrasion resistance has made them a suitable choice for doing pavements.

How to buy gohare beige limestone?

Gohare limestone is one of the oldest stones that have been put to use for many ages in Iran and also has an active market in Europe and America. Iranmarbles company is of oldest and main extractors of this limestones. the storages of our Company is located near the main Gohare limestone quarries. so we have direct supervision over extractions to offer the best prices possible along with faster delivery of orders.

To get more information about different sorts of Gohare limestone or submit a reservation for these stone blocks, please contact our experts.