About Iranmarbles stone sales center:

Considering the fast growth of building stone industries and the huge deal of interest from other countries in Iran's natural stone products , we began to feel the strong need for stone block specialized storages more than ever. When the necessities arose, Iranmarbles extracting and selling center was founded, using the experience and help of distinguished stone and quarry experts, in the industrial town of Khorramabad.

Our main goal is to create a platform for a better stone block extraction process and export it to other countries. using the modern types of equipment and the help of distinguished experts in the field of stone extraction, Iranmarbles has taken a giant step in order to improveIran's stone industry.<

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Iranmarbles company history:

"Kaniyar sang Zagros" company (registration number:12567) known as Iranmarbles brand, started its activities in the fields of extraction and selling exportable stone blocks in Iran since 2004. Iranmarbles extraction and selling center is one of the largest and most well-equipped stone block selling centers in the middle east, with more than 20 years of experience in the extraction and manufacture of natural stones and founded on a land area of 20,000 square meters and infrastructure of 12,000 square meters in the industrial town of Khorramabad.

Our company is proud to use the help and professional viewpoint of Italian and Iranian experts, managers, engineers, and experienced workers to take a new step in the field of extraction and manufacturing of natural stone blocks and that it is capable of extracting and exporting limestone, marble, and Iranian crystal stone block with the best quality and permissible tolerance according to European and international standards, in the shortest deal of time, without any delay in delivery and transportation.

Iranmarbles company specific geographical location:

Since our vast and rich country, Iran, is gifted with incredible geological diversity and many different quarries and stone block resources, the high potential for extracting and exporting natural stones in it is undeniable and Iranian artisans have always been active in all levels of this thousands of years old industry.

Iran is now considered to be the 8th country in possession of stone quarries and almost 80 percent of all different types of stones that exist, are accessible in Iran for extraction. many of the building stones in Iran are considered to be of the best quality building stones in the world and are known by the name of Iran throughout the world.

There are a variety of quarries including rich limestone, crystal, and marble quarrieswith amazing diversity in the geographical zone of Zagros and also in the north and east of Lorestan province. Since our company is located right next to these quarries and foundations, it's been made easy for us to control over, have access and transport extracted stone blocks, and because of this reason we've been able to offer our products with the most reasonable price possible.

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Iranmarbles work policies:

We consider the trust and satisfaction of each and every one of our customers valuable, aswe try our best to provide them with all of their requests and priorities. through every project we know ourselves as responsible to introduce them to the best solutions and options, we'll be alongside them through every last one of the procedures including reservations and orderings, consignments, and deliveries so that they can receive theirdesired stone blocks as soon and as easy as possible.

All the positive and satisfactory feedback that we've been receiving over these years shows that we've been successful to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers including many companies, contractors, and other construction agents from all over the world, which is another proof to show that we offer high quality best price stone blocks that we believe our dear customers deserve.

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High-End Quality And Reasonable Price Is Our Commitment To Our Dear Customers.