Azna white crystal marble block:

The white crystal marble of Azna is known as the most famous crystal marble in Iran. the background color of Azna crystals is white with grey and black streaks. The Azna white crystal marble block is extracted from quarries of a city with the same name. this stone counts as one of few kinds of white crystal stones with sufficient and acceptable quality.

azna white crystal marble quarry

Azna crystal marble is well known on international markets and because of its outward similarities to white marble stone, the amount of demand for exporting this stone from countries like China, Italy, Turkey, Russia, and… is significant.

Azna white crystal marble quarries:

Azna white crystal marble quarries are located near the city of Doroud in Lorestan province. These quarries are less than 50 km afar from Iranmarbles stone block storages. In this crystal marble quarries, with the direct supervision of our group, stones are extracted in the form of blocks and sold. Azna crystal marble quarries has several different faces that white crystal marble blocks with exportable quality are extracted from them.

Available crystal marble blocks in these quarry faces differ from one another in one or two color halos. Stone quarries of Azna have the potential of extracting different sorts of stone blocks from them. of other unique attributes to these quarries is the extraction of white crystal stone blocks in standard sizes and dimensions, which has dragged a lot of attention towards these quarries from other stonework factories throughout the world. All these attributes together have made a competitor out of Azna white crystal marble block against all other white stones on the international market.

Application of Azna white crystal marbles:

The application of Azna crystal marble slabs is increasing nowadays. This white crystalline marble is commonly put to use on many construction projects due to its pure white color and relative luster. thanks to the crystalline nature of the Azna white marble, it is gifted with a reflective and smooth surface that helps them to reflect light more effectively. Thus, they become useful while designing interior parts of a building to brighten up the atmosphere.

bookmatched azna white crystal marble

As mentioned earlier, Azna crystal marble has plenty of similarities with white marble stones. so it is always considered as an option to be replaced by white marble stone in projects that are on a low budget. As you may assume, compared to its foreign competitors, Azna white crystal marble is a wiser decision to choose considering its quality, beauty, and also its lower cost price.

azna white crystal marble bookmatch

Using Azna crystal slabs to create book-matched slabs is pretty common since it has diagonal and linear patterns that make the creation of four-match and book-match slabs easier in structures. Slab crystal marble of Azna have many characteristics that suit their application in designing both interior and exterior parts of the buildings, such as white and bright color, having very low porosity, and abrasion resistance that makes them suitable for different parts of industrial, residential, and commercial buildings.

With all these characteristics of Azna slab stones being discussed, it's obvious that these stones have a handful of applications in different parts of construction, for instance:

Important attributes of Azna white crystal marbles:

  • Interior architecture design
  • Buildings walls
  • Lobbies and entrance halls of the luxurious building
  • Counters of public centers
  • Kitchen cabinets and interior space
  • Luxurious restrooms
  • Washbasins and artistic stone artifacts
  • Master bathrooms
  • Stairs and under stairs
  • Landings and staircase walls
Abrasion Resistancepushing resistancePorositySpecial WeightWater absorptionOptimal Rate
3.310000.292.800.22Azna Crystal

FAQ about the Azna white crystal blocks:

What is the price of Azna white crystal marble blocks?

Most of the extracted Azna stone blocks from quarry faces have an exportable quality. yet many other factors may affect the cost prices of this crystal marble blocks directly, including:
More uniformed and brighter stone blocks without gray or black halos and stains will have a higher final price.
size of the extracted stone block has also a direct impact on its price, as bigger stone blocks with sufficient dimensions for slab cut will charge more.
With due attention to all these factors, Azna white crystal marble block has an extremely reasonable price compared to its rivals.

How would designs and traces look like on Azna white crystal marble after the cut and polishing process?

Azna white crystal stone comes with a background color of white along with gray and black diagonal streaks and halos.

What specifications do lower sorts of Azna crystal marble blocks have?

Other sorts of this stone share the same beauty and glassiness while their only difference is that their background color (base color) is darker and there are more streaks on the surface. Luster and glassiness are two important and constant attributes of Azna stone block. if the polishing machines work sufficiently enough the outcome will be a white crystal stone of much more glassiness and transparency.

Is Azna crystal marble a good choice for dim places?

The crystal nature of Azna stone increases its ability to be more polishable and reflective. Azna Crystal marble block has proven to be one of the superior blocks among their alternatives and competitors from all over the world and because of its bright background color and crystallized nature, it perfectly suits dim places.

How to buy azna white crystal blocks?

To get more information about different sorts of Azna crystal marble or submit a reservation for these stone blocks, please contact our experts.